Would you Rather?


Would you rather eat pancakes or waffles?  I would rather have waffles.

Would you rather be busy or be bored?  I would rather be busy.

Would you rather donate your body to science or donate your organs to people that need them?  I would rather donate my body to science.

Would you rather be a practicing doctor or a medical researcher?  I would rather be a medical researcher.

Would you rather be famous or rich?  I would rather be rich.

Would you rather live in the city or live in the country?  I would rather live in the country.

Do we really know anyone?

Do you ever wonder about your coworkers, friends, or neighbors?  Who are they really?  Are they what they portray to the world or is there something sinister inside of them?  What deep dark secrets are they hiding?  What traumas or tragedies have they survived?

What about the countless strangers we bump into as we go about our day?  Who are they?  Are they ex-cons, thieves, liars, or murders?  Are they family oriented and community volunteers?  Are they somewhere in the middle?

I wonder about these things.  Do you?


Wondering About Old Houses

I like looking at old houses.

I wonder about the people that lived in the house when it was sparkling new.  Did they have fancy parties?  Was there a beautiful horse and buggy that would roll up to the front door?

How many families have called this place home over the years?  Did anyone ever die in that house?  Was anyone ever murdered in that house?

What secrets does the house know?

Does anyone else think about such things?  Maybe it’s just me.  Maybe I’m just weird.



Believe in God


Where did we come from?  Why are we here?  How did the universe and everything in it come to be in existance?  Is there a God that created all of this?

When I ponder these questions, I often consider how the universe seems to be in harmony:    planets moving in an ordered fashion, the process of birth and death, the geometric designs and patterns found through out the world, and all the beauty that surrounds us.  I also think about the chaos of the universe:  natural disasters, disease, and evil.

In some ways, believing in God is understandable.  How could creation exist if there was never a creator?  How can we have so much order and common patterns if there were no intelligent designer?

However, that leads to another question.  If everything needs a creator and if nothing can just happen or exist without something causing it to exist, then how can God be everlasting?  Where did God come from?

God is an all powerful being and he created the rules, so maybe the rules don’t apply to God.  Still I am left with more questions than answers.

I also think about what I learned in my science classes.  As far as I understand, our universe started with an explosion.

The big bang theory tells us the universe is expanding.  At some point, the elements and conditions were perfect for this explosion that started this expansion of the universe.

Where did those elements come from?   What caused the heat and pressure to reach such levels that an explosion occurred and started this expansion process?

When I consider what science has to say about our origin, I am left feeling confused and with more questions than answers.

Maybe the two are not exclusive.  Maybe God was responsible for the explosion and that is how God created the universe.

I will probably never truly understand the origin of life or have all my questions answered. I guess this is were faith enters the equation.

Why Horror Films

I am sitting here wondering why I love horror films and shows about the supernatural, while watching Bitten.

  • Is it the creativity behind so many of the stories?
  • Is it rooted in some childhood fear of the dark that all humanity seems to share?
  • Is it the joy of watching people triumph over extreme evil?

How do you feel about horror films?  Let me know in the comments below.


Snow Emergency

There is a snow emergency in Huntsville, Alabama.  We have actual snow on the ground, so everything is closed and people are rushing to buy emergency supplies at the store.

There is one thing I don’t understand.  Why does everyone stock up on bread, milk,  and eggs?  If we do end up losing power and have to spend the next few days at home, I would rather have chips, cookies, soda, and other fun things to eat.

That’s my opinion on the matter….