Never to Old to Rock and Roll

I came across a news article about two elderly German men that escaped from a nursing home in order to attend a heavy metal concert.

When the nursing home realized the gentlemen were missing, they called the police.  The police located both men at the concert at 3:00 in the morning and drove them back to the facility in a police car.

My first reaction – I want to be like those guys when I am old.

I want to still have the desire to escape in the night, to attend concerts, to feel wild, to bend rules, to express my individuality, to cause trouble, and to make people shake their heads in wonder.




Rude Comments

I have a question for my blogger friends.  Have you ever gotten rude comments on one of  your blog posts?  If so, did you respond or just ignore it?

I’ve had a few on my blog.  For example, I have been called an idiot and I was told my blog is full of useless drivel.

I just ignore such comments.  If the person had some constructive criticism, then I would pay attention.  However, saying mean things to people while hiding behind a computer screen is something a coward would do and it has no effect on me.


Food Allergy

I knew I was allergic to some type of food, but I had no idea what.  The reactions usually happened after eating Mexican food, but it also happened when I was eating other things.

It always started out the same.  I would get really hot and sweat profusely.  Then my stomach would cramp and I would feel nauseous.  In less than an hour, I was vomiting and had diarrhea.  My lips, face, throat, and inside my ears would itch.  My eyelids started to swell and the itching sensation spread thourgh out my body.

It was a horrible and painful experience.  I would need several doses of Benadryl to contract the reaction.

I went to the allergy doctor and had several test done.  The result – I am allergic to avocados.

Thanks Gwen

This morning, I had an allergic reaction to something.  My face, lips, inside my ears, the roof of my mouth, back, and shoulders were itching like crazy.  I took several doses of Benadryl, which helped tremendously.  However, it also made me sleepy and left me with that drugged out feeling.

Gwen volunteered to cook dinner tonight, since I wasn’t feeling well.  She fixed a pot of spaghetti and it tasted wonderful.  There are no leftovers, so that tells you much everyone enjoyed dinner tonight.

Thanks for the help Gwen!