Dog Jokes


My favorite jokes from this book:

Q: What type of computers do Chihuahuas like best?

A: Lap-tops 

Q: What is the dog’s favorite city?

A: New Yorkie 

Q: What do you call a litter of puppies in the snow?

A: Slush Puppies 

Q: What kind of dog does Dracula like?

A: Bloodhound 

Q: What place of business helps dogs who have lost their tails?

A: A Retail Store 

The Black Death and Nostradamus


This book has a section addressing Nostradamus and his role in society during the plague years.  According to the author:

Nostradamus was a plague doctor.  Of all recovered information about cures and practices, his were by far the most practical compared with medical standards today.  He recommends against blood-letting and advocated clean water, clean air, and immediate removal of infected corpses. 

This was new information for me and I thought it was interesting.

Bob the Zombie by Jaime Johnsee


This book has a bit of a funny take on the zombie genre.

Bob is a teenager that dies in a freak accident.  His mother contacts a necromancer to bring him back to life.  Unfortunately, he is not fully restored to life.  Bob becomes a zombie and now must navigate through life with typical zombie problems, such as his flesh rotting off and having to staple himself back together.

I enjoyed reading the book and found it to be entertaining.