Things I Enjoy

Things I Enjoy:

  1. Hiking
  2. Reading
  3. Netflix
  4. Karate class
  5. Visiting museums 
  6. Traveling
  7. Napping
  8. Singing while driving 
  9. Racquetball 
  10. Boardgames 
  11. Watching football
  12. Hanging out with friends
  13. Biking
  14. Off roading
  15. Blogging 
  16. Scavenger hunts
  17. Coloring
  18. Eating out
  19. Going to the movies
  20. Going to arcades 
  21. Bowling
  22. Going to concerts
  23. Attending plays
  24. Making people laugh 
  25. Walking my dogs
  26. Trying new things 
  27. Picnics 
  28. Bonfires 
  29. Going to the library 
  30. Going to the zoo

What are some things you enjoy?


Floating Flag Football

Astronauts spend large amounts of time in space.  I wonder what they do for fun.  I would recommend floating flag football.

I can see it now.  An astronaut is sailing toward the guy with the ball, but just before he grabs the flag the guy with the ball starts spinning and rolls out of the way.

This not only sounds like a fun game to play, it also sounds like a fun game to watch.  NASA could use floating flag football to teach people about the space program and capture the interest of children all over the world.

National Take a Walk in a Park Day

Parks are often overlooked and underutilized by people.

Parks are peaceful places for relaxation, and they also offer opportunities for recreation.  Spending time in a park can refresh the soul and calm the nerves.  Take a few minutes out of your day to walk through a park or just sit on a park bench in quite contemplation.

Happy National Take a Walk in a Park Day