Revolution 19 by Gregg Rosenblum


This is a futuristic story about robots that were designed to fight our wars.  Unfortunately, they become self-aware and turn on humanity.

Twenty years later, the robots have created cities that they control.  Humans are forced to work for the robots in exchange for a guarantee of peace and prosperity.  Eventually, a group of “Freemen” decide to put an end to the robot domination and expose their lies to the rest of the humans.

The author writes with a descriptive style.  In the beginning, it seemed a bit cumbersome to get through the descriptions.  After a while, the story really picks up and the character dialog increases.  It’s an interesting story and I enjoyed reading it.

Sparky – Our Newest Family Member

With five dogs in the house, floor cleaning is a daily necessity.  I decided the Thaler family needed a robotic vacuum cleaner to help with this chore and I named him Sparky.

I admit I was concerned about how the dogs would react to Sparky.  However, they just looked at him and then wondered off to do their doggy stuff.  Apparently, the boys don’t find Sparky to be all that interesting.


Welcome to the Thaler Family and to your new home, Sparky.

The Administrator’s Robot

There once was an administrator

The time he would enter

But his people can never remember

Timesheets were due by five, no later

The administrator was frustrated

He sat and contemplated

A plan to get all timesheets completed

By the deadline he had stated

He created a robot named Dray

If a timesheet was empty at the end of the day

The robot would zap them with a shock ray

While repeating the phrase, “No Pay”

The workers got angry

The administrator was charged with assault and battery

The robot was sent to a factory

Where it now works in security