Peace Officer’s Memorial Day

Police officers put the badge on every morning, not knowing for sure if they’ll come home at night to take it off.  – Tom Cotton

To indiscriminately cast all law enforcement as enemies of our communities is to engage in an attempt to divide our nation by turning Americans against each other.  – Them Tillis

State and local law enforcement are the primary protectors of the health, safety, and welfare of the people in the individual states.  – Ron DeSantis

A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.  – Joseph Campbell


Become the Greatest of All


In Matthew 20:26-28, Jesus was telling his disciples how to be great in His kingdom.  Jesus defines greatness and leadership in a way that is contrary to what we normally see in the world.

According to Jesus, having power or privilege is not what makes you great.  Being able to force others to obey you and serve you, does not make you great.

What makes a person great in the Kingdom of God?  Jesus tells us that to be great, to be a leader in His Kingdom, we must be willing to serve.  We must also have an attitude of humility.

It’s our willingness to humble ourselves and serve others that will make us great people and great leaders in this world and in the Kingdom of God.


Pet Butler

I love my dogs.  They are hilarious, cute, and friendly.  Each dog has his own personality.  They get along with each other and love to run around the house playing or wrestling.

However, I am not as enthused about the poop scooping job.  Our yard is kind of small, so this job must be done on a regular basis.

This winter we had a lot of cold rainy days, which made the scoop poop job even worse.  I decided to call Pet Butler to get a quote for their services.

Pet Butler comes every week to pick up the poop and take it away for disposal.  Best of all, the price is very reasonable.

I am a huge fan of Pet Butler and my only regret is not calling them sooner.