Labyrinth of Fun

I decided to visit the labyrinth and garden located behind Madison Hospital in Madison, Alabama.

I was talking to one of the gardeners and he walked though the herb garden with me.  He told me about each of the plants and then we would break off a leaf to smell it.

The herb garden was full of amazing smells.  The cilantro had a very strong scent.  The chocolate mint smelled like a York Peppermint Patty.

I learned a lot and had a wonderful time.

Girl Scout Presentation and Skill Overestimation

I had the opportunity to talk to a Girl Scout group today.  I took Blue with me, so I can tell them about service dogs, dog training, and I wanted to explain the differences between how humans and dogs process smells.

I believe the girls are in Kindergraden and 1st grade, so they are really young.  I thought I had it under control, but I am afraid I overestimated my ability to communicate with such a young crowd.

At times, the poor kids looked a bit confused.  However, I think they enjoyed the presentation or at least they enjoyed watching Blue.  I hope they learned something from it and if so I will call it a success.

Now that I sit here thinking about it and how I struggled, I have a greater respect for the adults that volunteer to work with young children.

Gassy Dog

Ben went to obedience school today.  He did a great job and was rewarded with extra treats.  Unfortunately, Ben is really gassy tonight as a result of those treats.

As you can see, he is not bothered at all by the noxious smells he is producing.  Ben is resting peacefully tonight.  However, I have considered buying some type of breathing apparatus.

If you happen to see me tomorrow and I look a bit tired, it’s a result of trying to sleep in a room that smells suspiciously like a cesspool.


Don’t worry Ben.  I still love you.