Floating Flag Football

Astronauts spend large amounts of time in space.  I wonder what they do for fun.  I would recommend floating flag football.

I can see it now.  An astronaut is sailing toward the guy with the ball, but just before he grabs the flag the guy with the ball starts spinning and rolls out of the way.

This not only sounds like a fun game to play, it also sounds like a fun game to watch.  NASA could use floating flag football to teach people about the space program and capture the interest of children all over the world.

Fist 5k Charity Run – Done

I completed my first 5k (3.6 miles) charity run today.  My left leg started burning, due to shine splints after the first mile.  I ended up limping a good bit during the course and I felt nauseous after the second mile.  However, I refused to give up and I just kept moving forward.  I was determined to finish the race.

I came in last place, but I am still proud of myself.

I am ready for a nap now.   🙂



Ardmore Truck and Tractor Pull

I’ve lived in Alabama for over 20 years and I never attended a truck and tractor pull event, so I decided to remedy that situation last night.

At first it was interesting, but after two and half hours I was getting really bored.  I started walking around the grounds and ended up leaving the event early.

Also, I had no idea how much exhaust was released into the atmosphere during one of these events.  This is defiantly not a green energy sport.