Thunderstorm Basics

The Ingredients Needed for a Thunderstorm:

  • Moisture to form in the clouds
  • Atmospheric instability
  • Lift allowing the air to rise

Severe Thunderstorm Requirements:

  • Hail that is at least one inch in size
  • Wind gust of at least 58 mph

A microburst is a localized column of air that comes down to the ground by a collapsing downdraft/thunderstorm.  It has strong to damaging straight line winds, with heavy rain, and is short lived.


Source:  Weather Spotter’s Field Guide, US Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration , National Weather Service , June 2011

What’s Your Anchor?


An anchor is used to hold a ship in place.  The word anchor can also refer to a person who is reliable and supportive to those around them.  Anchors keep things under control during the storm.  Anchors keep things from being lost in the abyss.

When your life is full of turmoil, what anchors are available to you?  What can you rely on to keep you from getting lost in the abyss?

Transportation and Vehicle Show

The Monrovia Library sponsored a transportation and vehicle show today.  Mom and I decided to check it out and it was really interesting.

People were allowed to climb on and enter most of the vehicles, which I enjoyed.  There were several vehicles that I have never had a chance to look at the inside of, and a few of them surprised me by how much equipment was packed into each space.





What a Day

We moved into the new house a week ago  We have made a lot of progress unpacking our stuff, so we put a bunch of large boxes on the road for pickup.

My mom was standing on the front porch when a strong gust of wind sent our boxes airborne.  Mom called for me and when I saw what was happening, I was astounding by the speed in which the boxes were traveling.  I looked at my mom and said, “We only lived here a week and we already managed to trash the whole neighborhood.”

We got into the Jeep and tried to get as many of the boxes as we could.  However, after a few minutes the rain was so heavy we could hardly see.  We were determined not to be “those neighbors,” so we kept picking up boxes even in the middle of the downpour.


We finished the job and went home.  As we walked in the door Gwen started laughing, because we both looked like drowned rats.  Then Gwen told us to report to the dinning room entrance.  Once we arrived, Gwen opened the doors and presented a wonderful spaghetti dinner.  It was absolutely delicious.

It’s been an interesting day here at the Thaler household.