I’m Sorry – A Hard Thing to Say


Apologizing is not always easy.  You have to be willing to admit to doing wrong, to being ignorant, or to hurting someone.  It takes strength and personal courage to apologize.

When delivering an apology be real and be willing to admit you were wrong.  We all make mistakes.  How you handle those mistakes is a demonstration of your personal character.



What’s Your Anchor?


An anchor is used to hold a ship in place.  The word anchor can also refer to a person who is reliable and supportive to those around them.  Anchors keep things under control during the storm.  Anchors keep things from being lost in the abyss.

When your life is full of turmoil, what anchors are available to you?  What can you rely on to keep you from getting lost in the abyss?

War Horse by Michael Morpurgo

At times, War Horse was a bit difficult to read.  I wanted to reach into the story, grab a few of the characters, and whack them on the head for being cruel or ignorant.  However, all in all it is an excellent story.

The book takes a hard look at dealing with adversity, how friendships help with overcoming struggles, the tenacity required to fight for someone you love (even if your efforts seem wasted), and it explores the power of the human-animal bond.

This is definitely a book worth reading.


Pity Pot to Positivity


Life hasn’t always been easy for me.  I have faced various traumatic events, dealt with grief, struggled with disabilities, and endured hardships.  However, I will not allow those things to control me or destroy me.  I am an overcomer.

I want to move forward to remain strong.  I want to use my negative experiences to make me resilient.  If I can overcome my past experiences then I can conquer whatever the future holds for me.

Have I ever found myself dwelling on my pity pot, crying about my struggles, and winning about why these things happened to me?  The answer is yes.  I admit I find it cathartic to do so at times.

There is no shame in feeling defeated or feeling sorry for yourself.  Those are natural human emotions.

The important thing is to get off the pity pot and continue moving forward.  Don’t let your past destroy your future.


Disabled and Strong

Living with a disability can break you and leave you feeling weak.  However, it can also make you stronger.  It depends on how you react to the disability.

  • If you face challenges caused by your disability with a positive attitude and determination, you will get stronger.
  • If you learn to overcome obstacles, instead of quitting, you will get stronger.
  • If you develop resourcefulness and use that to succeed in your daily life, you will get stronger.

If you have a disability, don’t let it destroy you.  Instead use it to make yourself stronger.

Strength From Pain


My current strength comes from a painful past.

When I look back on my childhood years and think about the awful things that occurred, I am left with mixed emotions: sometimes I am angry at what I had to endure, sometimes I am grateful for the people that helped me overcome those experiences, sometimes I am ashamed or embarrassed by how I allowed it to affect my life.

I am determined to make sure my past doesn’t destroy my future.  Instead, I will use my past to make my future better.  When I am faced with a difficult situation, I look back at my past and think,”If I can overcome that, then I should have no problem getting through this.”

My past was filled with pain, but my future is filled with strength.