Human Spirit Strong

You are stronger than you think, because you are a human being.

Mankind has overcome natural disasters, wars, tyranny, atrocities done by our own kind, and a massive list of other obstacles or difficulties.  However, the human spirit refused to surrender.  Humans continue surviving, regardless of the circumstances.

Don’t underestimate yourself or your power as a human being.  You are stronger than you think.



Strength From Pain


My current strength comes from a painful past.

When I look back on my childhood years and think about the awful things that occurred, I am left with mixed emotions: sometimes I am angry at what I had to endure, sometimes I am grateful for the people that helped me overcome those experiences, sometimes I am ashamed or embarrassed by how I allowed it to affect my life.

I am determined to make sure my past doesn’t destroy my future.  Instead, I will use my past to make my future better.  When I am faced with a difficult situation, I look back at my past and think,”If I can overcome that, then I should have no problem getting through this.”

My past was filled with pain, but my future is filled with strength.