College Tips and Advice

Today is Gwen’s first day of class at Calhoun Community College.  I have some tips and advice that I would love to share with her.  However, I can’t just tell her my advice.  I am a blogger, so it has to go in a post.

  • If you need help with a class, don’t be ashamed to ask.
  • Stay positive, if you keep working at it you will complete your degree.
  • Attendance is important, so try to be there as much as possible.
  • Get involved in campus life.  Find a club or organization to join, attend some of the sporting events, plays, debates, and special lectures that are available at the college.
  • Learn the material.  Study it until you understand it.
  • Don’t be in a hurry and do your best.
  • Don’t procrastinate, have a plan to complete assignments ahead of schedule.
  • Pay attention during class and take notes.  If the teacher says something is important, write it down and underline it.
  • Keep your notes, assignments, and study materials organized.
  • Make some new friends and have fun during your college years.


Blogging Success

How do you determine if your blog is successful?  Is there a certain number of followers you are trying to achieve?  Do you base it on the number of people that visit your blog each day?  Do you consider your blog successful if you post on a consistent basis.

I have pondered these questions and I don’t have a clear answer.  It is hard to control how many followers or visitors you have, so using stats to determine your blog success can be a bit difficult.  However, consistency is easier to determine and it may be the best way to decide if you are reaching your blogging goals.

What are your thoughts on the subject?  What does blogging success look like for you?


Alexander the Great – A Book Review


This book covers the life of Alexander the Great, with a focus on the personality traits that allowed him to be successful.

I did enjoy the book for the most part; however, the first half of the book talks about why we should study the great achievers in history and Alexander the Great is not even mentioned in the first half of the book.

I give the book a C+

Writing is Dangerous

A writer will use words to pour their heart and soul onto the page.  As a result, they leave themselves open to the world.  What happens next is out of their control.

People may react with love, kindness, or admiration.  They may also respond with ridicule, hate, and stomp on the writer’s heart.

Writing can be dangerous and it takes a tough person to succeed in this field.