Human Spirit Strong

You are stronger than you think, because you are a human being.

Mankind has overcome natural disasters, wars, tyranny, atrocities done by our own kind, and a massive list of other obstacles or difficulties.  However, the human spirit refused to surrender.  Humans continue surviving, regardless of the circumstances.

Don’t underestimate yourself or your power as a human being.  You are stronger than you think.



My Letter of Apology to a Plant



Dear Household Plant,

Please don’t give up and die.  Please keep fighting for survival.  We (the Thaler family) enjoy your wonderful smell and appreciate your fly repelling capabilities.  We apologize for not taking proper care of you.  For whatever we did wrong, we are truly sorry and we promise to make amends.

Did we give you to much water or not enough water?  Did we allow you to spend to much time in the sun, or not enough time in the sun?  Did we fail to give you the appropriate plant food?  Was there something else you desperately needed from us and we failed to provide it?

Since you are unable to speak, we have called an expert to answer theses questions.  We promise to do better in the future and provide for your needs.  We desire for you to be a thriving member of the house, so please don’t die.


The Thaler Family

Everyday Survival – Book Review


Why do smart people do stupid things?  That is the question Laurence Gonzales answers in his book Everyday Survival.

The book explains how our brains develop scripts and how those scripts allow us to function at a higher level.  However, those scripts can also lead to disaster.  Our brains can go into autopilot mode at the wrong time.

The example that really stuck with me, involves a police officer that trained other officers on how to disarm an assailant.  The trainer would disarm the student and then hand the gun back to the student as he explained his method to the class.  This event was repeated over and over again.

The trainer was in the field one night and was facing an armed criminal.  The trainer disarmed the criminal, but without thinking he handed the gun back to the man.  The criminal grabbed for his gun and attempted to kill the trainer.  The trainer’s partner shot the criminal and saved his life.

I understand how something like that could happen to anyone.

The author doesn’t just explain how our brains develop internal scripts.  The book also discusses ways to prevent internal scripts form automatically taking over and how to maintain alertness at all times.

I enjoyed the book and thought is was really interesting.  I give it an A-