The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury


Ray Bradbury’s book The Illustrated Man was published in 1951, and it is considered a classic.

The book is about a man whose body is covered in magical tattoos.  The tattoos move and  play out stores of various people living in the future.

Each chapter of the book contains a science-fiction story, in which technology has a massive impact on human behavior.  The characters for each story relatable, even if you end up hating them.

The stories often have surprise endings that may leave you feeling baffled or dejected.  Despite the dismal endings and the pessimistic feelings aroused by the stories, I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book.

Haiku for You


  • ——————————–
  • Loud music playing
  • My heart beating in rhythm
  • Permeates my soul
  • ——————————-
  • Jeep the best around
  • Off roading and around town
  • All purpose transport
  • ——————————-
  • Raccoon cute mask face
  • Intelligent curious
  • Spirit guide for me
  • ——————————-
  • Tattoos beautiful
  • Art on a body not walls
  • Telling a story
  • ——————————–
  • Dogs loving and kind
  • Loyal and best friend to me
  • Dogs make life happy
  • ———————————


Bad Ink

I have watched several of the Bad Ink episodes and I have discovered some common aspects found in those with awful tattoos.

Avoid getting “bad ink” by:

  1.  Never getting a tattoo while you are under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.  That tattoo design that looks hilarious while you are intoxicated, will look stupid when you get sober.
  2. Finding a reputable tattoo artist.  Check on the artist’s credentials and never get a tattoo from someone just because they claim to know what they are doing.

This simple advice will save you a ton of heartache in the future and may all your tattoos be awesome.



Raccoon Experience

One day I was sitting and watching a raccoon in the woods.  I was very still and breathing slowly, so I would not scare it.

The raccoon saw me and took a few steps in my direction.  I continued to be as still as possible.

The raccoon looked at me and decided to get closer.  This continued until the it was right next to me.  The raccoon grabbed my finger with his paw.  Then he let go of my finger and ran off into the woods.

Every since that day I have been fascinated by these animals.  They are adaptable, intelligent, and curious;  I am too.

I even got a raccoon tattoo on my shoulder to commemorate the event.