Cowboy Church

The Cowboy Church movement is designed to reach a certain people group, which has its own cultural norms.

This church building was located in a barn, which is in the middle of a working ranch.  Right outside the door of the church was an Australian Cattle Dog and a horse.

Their belief system is typical for a Christian church.  The main difference is in how they package it and teach the members to apply it to their  own life.

International Harvester by Craig Morgan

I prefer living in rural communities.  As you drive away from the city, there are fewer and fewer cars on the road.  There are also long stretches of road surrounded by woods and fields.  However, traffic jams can still happen even in the middle of nowhere.

Ardmore Truck and Tractor Pull

I’ve lived in Alabama for over 20 years and I never attended a truck and tractor pull event, so I decided to remedy that situation last night.

At first it was interesting, but after two and half hours I was getting really bored.  I started walking around the grounds and ended up leaving the event early.

Also, I had no idea how much exhaust was released into the atmosphere during one of these events.  This is defiantly not a green energy sport.