Off Roading with Mom


I decided to go off roading this week and my mom was riding in the Jeep with me.  We went down an old dirt road that was full of large holes.

I was just about to compliment my mom for not getting nervous and for handling the situation so well.  However, at that moment we hit a large hole in the road and the Jeep tilted right a good bit.  My mom immediately cried out, “I think I’m going to have a heart attack!”

I started laughing and told her I was just about to say how good you were doing on this trip.  Oh well, maybe next time.


Off Road Fun

Yesterday, I took the family off roading in my Jeep.  We went down some old dirt roads and on some trials in the woods.

We also made a few stops to enjoy the scenery while we were out there.

My mom was worried about getting stuck in the mud, but I told her “Don’t worry, I have AAA.”  She was not impressed and said they would probably laugh at me if I tried to get them to pull me off a muddy trail.