Paying for College

It’s no secret, going to college is expensive.  However, there are a few things you can do to help decrease the burden of college tuition.

  1. Apply for Pell Grants through your school.  Pell Grant money does not have to be paid back and is awarded based on financial need.
  2. Get a job with a company that offers tuition reimbursement.  For example:  Apple, Home Depot, Publix, Best Buy, UPS, FedEx, Gap, and Verizon Wireless will help pay for their employees education.  Do a google search of businesses in your area to see which ones will offer this benefit.
  3. Attend a community college for the first two years.  The tuition cost at a community college is drastically cheaper.  Taking some of your classes at a community college will reduce the total amount you have to pay for your education.
  4. There are a few colleges that offer free tuition for all of their students.  The students are given jobs, at the school, to help offset cost not covered by financial aid.  A few of these schools include:  College of the Ozarks, Berea College, Curtis Institute of Music, Alice Lloyd College, Webb Institute, and Deep Springs College.



Thinking About Long Lost Roommates

I got my Bachelors and my Masters from Southwestern Assemblies of God University in Texas.  While I was an undergraduate, I lived in the dorm and had several different roommates.  I’ve lost track of them over the past 20 years, but I think about them from time to time.

I wonder how their life turned out and what they are up to now.  We are no longer young and naive.  We are now middle aged and full of life experiences.  I barley resemble my college age self.  How have they changed as a result of their experiences?


Accessibility of eLearning


This book has two main points:

  • The needs of disabled students have to be taken into account when considering how to deliver and support distance teaching.
  • A design that incorporates the requirements for disabled students is likely to be more accessible and useful for non-disabled students than a design without such consideration.

What makes this book unique are the links to websites that allow the reader to simulate taking a class with a disability.  I highly recommend this book, because it was eye opening and educational.

The Academic Book of the Future


The cover of this book does not do it justice.  I enjoyed reading it and found it to be interesting as well as educational.

Here are a few quotes that highlight the main points:

  • Books matter.  They contain knowledge, and knowledge, as the saying goes is power.
  • Books are matter: they are containers, crucibles, confrontations.  They can teach, guide, inspire, soothe, and agitate.
  • Google is becoming the most-used research channel.  In such context, national libraries will be pivotal for their preservation role, with researchers access being provided through other channels.
  • The meaning of the word ‘book’ itself will change forever and will never again be confined to that of a physical object to be held, admired, loved, subject to spilt coffee or burning by dictators.  The ‘book’ will be defined more around its function than any of its characteristics.
  • Academic books can deeply affect the ways that human beings perceive the world and interact with one another, playing an important role in cultural change.

Thoughts on Homeschooling

Homeschooling can be a good thing for the child or it can be a disaster.  I know several people that were homeschooled and I have seen the end results.

In some cases, the parents put everything they had into the child’s education.  They hired tutors for subjects they were not qualified to teach.  They signed the kids up for all sorts of educational community programs.  These children were able to attend universities and became successful adults.

In some cases, the parents expected the child to complete assignments and learn the information on their own.  The parents put in little to no effort and the children suffered later in life.  They struggled in the workforce, since they did not have a basic education and failed to complete required training programs for their job.

I understand why people feel the government should not be involved in how parents educate their children.  I understand parents want to have the freedom to do what is best for their child, without having to answer to a stranger that knows nothing about that child or the family.

However, I still believe the government should have some kind of system or regulation that allows them to ensure that children being homeschooled are indeed being educated by their parents.  That these children are at the very least learning basic information that they will need to survive in the adult world.

I also fear some of these children are living in abusive households and keeping them away from public schools prevents other adults from noticing suspicious behaviors or injuries.  This allows the abusive parent to continue without ever being investigated by the local authorities.  Without any government agency to check on the child, they will be trapped in that abusive home.

What are your thoughts on homeschooling?  Should it be regulated or should parents be allowed to educate their children without any government interference?


College Tips and Advice

Today is Gwen’s first day of class at Calhoun Community College.  I have some tips and advice that I would love to share with her.  However, I can’t just tell her my advice.  I am a blogger, so it has to go in a post.

  • If you need help with a class, don’t be ashamed to ask.
  • Stay positive, if you keep working at it you will complete your degree.
  • Attendance is important, so try to be there as much as possible.
  • Get involved in campus life.  Find a club or organization to join, attend some of the sporting events, plays, debates, and special lectures that are available at the college.
  • Learn the material.  Study it until you understand it.
  • Don’t be in a hurry and do your best.
  • Don’t procrastinate, have a plan to complete assignments ahead of schedule.
  • Pay attention during class and take notes.  If the teacher says something is important, write it down and underline it.
  • Keep your notes, assignments, and study materials organized.
  • Make some new friends and have fun during your college years.


Strangest Mascot Ever

According to the Oxford Dictionary, a mascot is “a person or thing that is supposed to bring good luck or that is used to symbolize a particular event or organization.”

I think Delta State University in Mississippi has the strangest mascot ever.  Their mascot is okra.  Why in the world would anyone want a slimy vegetable to symbolize their school?

What is the strangest mascot you ever heard about?  I am sure there are some really weird ones out there.