Make Rest a Priority

In Matthew 11:20-12:21, we learn Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath and he wants to offer rest for our weary souls.  All we need to do is follow Jesus.

Rest is often undervalued in our society.  There is so much to do at work, at school, and our options for entertainment are phenomenal.  Granted entertainment is fun, but it can also prevent us from getting the rest we need.

Jesus offers us spiritual rest.  We can trust in his acceptance and forgiveness.  He invites us to destress our souls and spend quite time with him in worship, prayer and meditation.  He wants to help us overcome our anxieties and our fears.

We know rest is important and we know the consequences of not getting enough rest.

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Increased risk of disease
  • Decreased ability to function
  • Decreased ability to focus
  • Anxiety
  • Increased aggression

Make rest a priority in your life and you will notice the difference.


The Arithmetic of Life



George Shaffner begins his book (The Arithmetic of Life) by discussing his reasons for writing the book and describing his intended target audience, which he calls “Refugees from Math.”

According to George Shaffner:

I began to discover that many of my relatives, a few of my friends, and practically all politicians seem to live their lives in a sort of innumerate bliss – a state in which virtually all remnants of mathematical thought have been exorcised since high school.  These people are the “Refugees from Math.”

The book explains how math can be used to determine the value of education, the odds of getting caught, rules of thumb, consensus at work, the mystery of middle management, streaks and the law of averages, coincidences, and detaining life expectancy.

The book ends with this statement:

Intelligence is not just a gift; it’s a choice.  Make it and evolve.  

Even though the book is heavily based in advanced mathematical principles, the author does a great job of explaining everything.  The book is actually easy to read and understand.

I enjoyed reading the book and would highly recommend it.