Reclaiming Virtue by John Bradshaw


John Bradshaw defines virtue as, “an inner strength, an inclination rooted in our spiritual care that moves us toward the achievement of our full humanity, which is also our full human happiness.”  Virtue is acquired through, “exercise and use.”  Also, “acting virtuously embodies excellence and happiness.”

John Bradshaw warns of the dangers of teaching morality through the use of strict moral codes and neglecting to teach virtue.  As a child, John Bradshaw was taught morality based on blind obedience.  However, this did not make him or his friends virtuous adults.  As a result, they struggled to develop a personal code of ethics and morality.

The book, “Reclaiming Virtue” discusses how to develop virtue in our own life and how to teach virtue to our children.  I found the book to be beneficial and would recommend it.