Memoirs of the Class of 1946

Yesterday, I wrote about finding a 1946 Huntsville High School yearbook at a thrift store. I was reading through it and found an essay titled “Memoirs of the class of 1946.”

It was interesting reading.  Here are a few paragraphs from the essay.

On December 7, 1941, when the Japs attacked Pearl Harbor and the United States declared war on Japan, we then realized that we were children of a war and that some of our classmates might have to go before the dark cloud of war passed over our heads.

Gasoline and sugar were rationed, but we didn’t mind the scarcity if it helped.  That year a few of our classmates went to do their share in winning the war, and we who were left behind did our share too.  We saved tin can, toothpaste tubes, collected scrap metal and were 100 percent in the purchase of stamps and bonds to help end the war quicker and bring our boys home.

The year 1945, proved to be one of the most important years in the history of the United States, as well as in the history of the graduation class of 1946.  We bought war stamps, had paper drives, and most anything we could to bring about peace.  

On the afternoon of April 12, we were working hard in preparation for a Spanish Fiesta when the news came over the radio that our president had passed away in Warm Springs, Georgia.  It seemed to knock the excitement and joy out of everyone, but we carried on as he would have wished us to do.

Then on May 7, everyone was happy to hear of the surrender of the Germans, but we couldn’t be too happy because boys were still dying in Japan.  Leaving school in June we knew that upon our return we would be dignified seniors.

Our senior year started with a bang!  The war with Japan had ended September 2, and we returned to school happy and with a feeling of peace in our hearts.

It was the first peaceful year of our high school career.  Many boys retuned from the war and started where they left off.  We were glad to have them back.

As we finish the last page of our high school history and begin a new chapter in our lives we go out into the world with a firm resolve that we will do our part in making this a better world.

As I read this essay, I was struck by their willings to sacrifice for a greater good.  These teenagers were more civic minded than most adults I know today.  I looked through the yearbook at their pictures and noticed a sense of seriousness about them.  I admire them and wonder what became of them.  I hope they were able to live out their dreams for the future.



Human Spirit Strong

You are stronger than you think, because you are a human being.

Mankind has overcome natural disasters, wars, tyranny, atrocities done by our own kind, and a massive list of other obstacles or difficulties.  However, the human spirit refused to surrender.  Humans continue surviving, regardless of the circumstances.

Don’t underestimate yourself or your power as a human being.  You are stronger than you think.



TECH Zombies


I’m Adam Link and I was born in 2124.  At the time of my birth, the government was conducting experiments to create a superhuman race.  Everyone was lining up to receive the cognitive enhancement brain implant.

This implant enhanced human cognitive abilities, increased longevity, and regulated bodily systems (for example:  the chip would send a notification if your blood pressure was high).  Those who received the implant, were known as TECH Humans.

My parents were a part of a small group known as the Purist.  They believed the human race should remain pure (without technological enhancements).  When I was born, they refused to allow the doctors to give me the implant.

Everyone thought my parents were crazy.  How would I survive in a world full of TECH humans?  How will I ever become a successful or productive member of society?  Basically, everyone believed the best I could hope for was to become a janitor.

Twenty years later, a routine upgrade was being done on all TECH humans.  However, something went terribly wrong.  The chip started killing their physical bodies, but the chip remained functioning.  Dead people were walking around, without a conscious and reduced to their base animalistic nature.  This was the beginning of the TECH Zombie War.

Purist from all over the nation gathered together and tried to devise a plan to deal with the situation.  TECH Zombies were killing everything in their path and it looked like the human race was about to face extinction.

It was a horrible time.  We went scrounging for food or supplies, but many of us were killed in the process.  Hope was failing fast.

The only way of stoping the TECH Zombies was to destroy the chip.  I realized our only hope of survival was to create a virus that could deactivate all the chips at the same time.

However, the main upgrade system was in the heart of the city.  To get to the building we would have to fight our way through a hoard of TECH Zombies.

My parents had put a lot of effort into my education, so I was created the virus.  Every Purist that was able to fight willingly joined the crusade.  We used any weapon that was available to us and created armor out of scape metal to protect us during the battle.

The fighting was fierce and it took several hours to get to the upgrade center.  Finally we made into the building.  We had to use a makeshift explosive to get into the main hall.  A lot of people died to get us this far, but we never thought about stoping our mission.

I uploaded my virus into the system and prayed for a miracle.  I was looking out the window at the TECH Zombies and all of a sudden they started thrashing about and then they all collapsed into a heap.

I was screaming, “It worked.  It worked.”  The human race will be saved and now we can start rebuilding.

To all the people that thought I would grow up to become a janitor, in a way they are correct.  The TECH Humans left a mess that I will be in charge of cleaning.  However, I am not just a janitor.  I am also the savor of the plant.  I am Adam Link, the hope for future generations.

Alien Hunters by Daniel Arenson


The book series, Alien Hunters, is a futuristic science-fiction story.

Earth is about to be conquered by an evil alien race that has already destroyed numerous planets.  The only hope for our planet is a magical alien.  However, that magical alien is being hunted and must be rescued.

Two brothers from Earth go on a quest to save the magical alien.  They encounter numinous obstacles and must risk their life on more than one occasion.

The plot is interesting, but some of the sciences and characters are to silly to feel realistic.  All in all, I would say the book series is fair.

National Military Brats Day

Today is National Military Brats Day.  Being a military brat made my childhood unique in many ways.

  1. Where am I from?  That is a hard question to answer.  I was born in Fort Bliss (El Paso) Texas, but we left when I was only a year old.  I can’t say I am from there.  I spent the majority of my childhood in Germany, but I am not a German and I can’t say I am from there.  Maybe, I am from nowhere or maybe I am from everywhere.
  2. I didn’t get to know my extended family as a child.  Since I grew up overseas, I rarely got a chance to visit them.
  3. I learned all the words to the National Anthem while I was still in elementary school.
  4. As a child, I could see tanks outside my bedroom window.
  5. At school we celebrated Military Appreciation Day.  They would fill the parking lot with military weapons, tanks, trucks, and helicopters.  The kids were allowed to climb on everything.  It was a ton of fun.
  6. We got to do fun things other kids would never get a chance to do, such as operating flight simulators and tank simulators.
  7. We also got to sample MREs.  That wasn’t so much fun.
  8. Occasionally, we ate holiday meals at the Mess Hall.
  9. Taking a bus to Paris for the weekend was a thing, so was skiing in the Alps on a field trip.
  10. I learned to be adaptable at an early age.
  11. I also learned how to properly fold a flag.


Happy Military Brats Day