Water Calms the Soul

There’s something about a body of water that calms the soul.  It could be an ocean, sea, river, lake, or even a pool.

When the sunlight hits the water it glitters and reflects beauty.  Listening to the waves or watching the peaceful ripples tend to relax a person.  Playing in the water on a hot summer day cools the body and refreshes the soul.

There’s something about water that sets us free.


Our Sewer Overload Problems

Before I tell you about our sewer drama, I am going to start with an explanation.

I live in a rural community, so we don’t have access to a city sewer system.  You may be wondering, what happens to all of our waste water and poop.

At our house we have a septic tank.  Everything goes into the tank and there is a filter system that separates out the water from the solid material.  The water then goes through a system of field lines and into the soil.  The other stuff remains in the tank, which has to be emptied every few years.

(septic tank schematics – wikipedia.com)

Yesterday, Mom was taking a shower and the toilet (in another bathroom) started gurgling and water overflowed onto the floor.

That is a massive warning sign.  The septic tank was almost full and a failure to immediately address the problem would lead to disastrous consequences.

We called Mr Rotter and they were at the house within  an hour.  First, they had to dig down to the tank.  Then they pry open the concrete man hole and use a vacuum truck to suction out the tank.

When the tank is cleaned out, they replace the manhole cover and put the dirt back over the septic tank.

The dogs watched all of this commotion with great interesest and occasionally barked at the workers.

After the men from Mr. Rooter left, I let they dogs go into he backyard.  They were drawn to the fresh dirt, as if some invisible magnetic force was pulling them right to it.

They had a great time playing and rolling around in the dirt.

I guess you could say, yesterday was full of drama and fun.

My Letter of Apology to a Plant



Dear Household Plant,

Please don’t give up and die.  Please keep fighting for survival.  We (the Thaler family) enjoy your wonderful smell and appreciate your fly repelling capabilities.  We apologize for not taking proper care of you.  For whatever we did wrong, we are truly sorry and we promise to make amends.

Did we give you to much water or not enough water?  Did we allow you to spend to much time in the sun, or not enough time in the sun?  Did we fail to give you the appropriate plant food?  Was there something else you desperately needed from us and we failed to provide it?

Since you are unable to speak, we have called an expert to answer theses questions.  We promise to do better in the future and provide for your needs.  We desire for you to be a thriving member of the house, so please don’t die.


The Thaler Family

Rescuing a Bee


Various flying insects land in the puppy pool and since they can’t get out, they drown.  If I find one that is still alive, I will rescue the poor soul.

The other day, I found a bee in the pool.  It was desperately trying to get out of the water.  I put my hand in the pool, slowly moved under the bee, and lifted it out of the water.  Then I took the bee to a safe place for it to dry off and rest, while it recovered from the ordeal.


This wasn’t my first bee rescue and if you are wondering do I ever get stung.  The answer is yes.  However, I don’t blame the bee and I continue to rescue them.

I am the Bee Rescuer.  🙂

Sharks are Misunderstood

I think sharks are misunderstood.  They are not mindless killing machines, they are actually very fascinating creatures.

  • The smallest species of shark is the Pale Catshark, and it only grows to eight inches in length.
  • The largest species of shark is the Whale shark, which can grow to 75 feet long.
  • The skeleton of a shark is not made of bone, instead it is make of cartilage.
  • Sharks are saltwater fish; however, the Bull Shark is capable of living in freshwater and saltwater.
  • The sharks skin is so rough that it has been used as sandpaper.
  • Sharks have small holes around their head that can detect electrical fields in the water.  This allows the shark to locate prey, even if they cannot see it.  It also explains why sharks have been known to attack metal objects, which give off a weak electrical field.

The more I learn about sharks, the more impressed I become.  They truly are fascinating creatures.