Would you Rather?


Would you rather eat pancakes or waffles?  I would rather have waffles.

Would you rather be busy or be bored?  I would rather be busy.

Would you rather donate your body to science or donate your organs to people that need them?  I would rather donate my body to science.

Would you rather be a practicing doctor or a medical researcher?  I would rather be a medical researcher.

Would you rather be famous or rich?  I would rather be rich.

Would you rather live in the city or live in the country?  I would rather live in the country.

Would you Rather….


Would you rather win a Nobel Prize or be a rockstar?  I came across this question the other day and it got me thinking.

I would rather win a Nobel Prize.  As a Nobel Prize winner, I would receive recognition for my achievements and it would be a great honor.  It would open up possibilities for grant money or really cool jobs.  I would also receive cash prizes, which is nice.

If I was a rockstar, I would be famous and have no privacy.  People would follow me and try to take my picture.  I am an extreme introvert, so I would hate dealing with that.  I would also have to tour constantly and would have very little personal time.  Even though being a rockstar would make me mega rich, I would still prefer being a Nobel Prize winner.

How about you?  Would you rather win a Nobel Prize or be a rockstar?