Alligator Alley

Alligator Alley is an animal sanctuary near Mobile, Alabama.  The animals were rescued from poor living conditions and placed in the sanctuary.

As the name applies, there are a lot of alligators; however, they also have snakes, lizards, and turtles.

This is a fun place to visit.  You can feed the alligators, touch some of the animals, and learn a lot about reptiles in general.


Here be Dragons

While at the Birmingham Zoo, I saw a Komodo Dragon.  I have been fascinated by these creatures for a long time, because they are so unique.

  • These lizards are massive in size.  They can reach 10 feet in length and weigh 155 pounds.
  • The Komodo Dragon looks like a lazy lumbering creature, but it is actually very fast.  It can reach speeds of 12 miles per hour.
  • They are strong enough to kill a water buffalo.
  • It was once believed the Komodo Dragons were poisons lizards, because once a prey was bitten it would die within a couple of days from complications of the bite.  However, scientist discovered the prey’s death was actually caused by the toxic bacteria in the dragons mouth.  (Think about that for a minute.  The Komodo Dragon must have the nastiest breath on earth.)

I was glad to get a chance to see a living Komodo Dragon.  That was cool.